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Course Availability:  As always, courses are available to you from our website 24/7/365.  Just click on the "Courses" tab and select the course you wish to take.

Business hours: Our office is staffed from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday, but we monitor incoming correspondence, including courses quizzes, outside business hours. 

Outside business hours:  We will attempt to maintain our normal response times throughout the holidays, but you may notice some delays due to heavy volume.   Receipt of course quizzes is not an automatic function, so you not may receive confirmation of receipt until the next business day.

***Special note to Georgia students:  

Your certificate of completion will be dated as of the date we receive your quiz results AND payment.  We must receive both the quiz and payment on or before December 31, 2020, to issue a certificate dated in 2020, with one exception.  If you mail your quiz and payment to us, we will date the certificate as of the postmark date on your package.  

Keep in mind that the State of Georgia allows us to issue only 6 hours of training credit for any calendar day.  If you submit all 10 hours of your required training on December 31, 2020, certificates for 4 hours of the training will be dated in 2021.

Holiday Processing